Why high school coaches handcuff today’s athletes

Why high school coaches handcuff today’s athletes

Today’s athletes are surrounded by Strength & Conditioning Trainers, Speed Coaches, Position Coaches, Combine Coaches, Recruiting Services, etc. Parents are always trying to get a hand up on the competition and make their child better than the rest. Sports coaches will seek out a lineman coach to make their Offensive line better. A baseball coach will look for a pitching coach to make his pitchers better. But why don’t sports coaches seek out Strength & Conditioning Coaches to make their athletes stronger, faster, better conditioned and decrease risk of injuries? I get resistance from multiple coaches from an array of sports who view me as the enemy like I’m trying to take their kid away from their sports program or school. Coaches say that the Spring is the time to build “team unity” and “team work”. I say this is the time to make an athlete better. The summer is the time for team work. We have many coaches threatening parents and players that if they don’t show up off-season workouts then their starting position might be in jeopardy. So as a sports coach are you telling me that you care more about off-season weight-lifting participation or do you really care about kids getting the best training available? So a high school weight room with 50-80 kids and a football coach running it with no exercise science background will be more beneficial then a group of 5 kids going to a small training facility training with a qualified trainer? Some sports coaches seem to think that exercise isn’t a science, just lift weights, jump over a few hurdles, do some ladder work, run a couple of miles and be done. As a sports coach you must realize what is within your realm of specialty and what you need to sub out. Sports coaches can’t recognize overtraining, sports injuries, when to increase or decrease weight in the weight room, volume of plyometrics, and how to teach Olympic Lifts.

We live in a world where parents, coaches and athletes live by the old saying “No pain no gain”. Well this just isn’t true. Sure, you should be exerting energy and that will cause fatigue but my job of being a Strength Coach is to make you feel and move better. If you are sore day in and day out then I’m not really helping you! Sports coaches and some parents think that if an athlete is sweating, tired and sore the next day then it must be working. This is not true! Parents, educate yourself. Coaches, realize what you are coaching and realize that you are putting a child at risk when you are outside of your expertise. Talk with a Strength Coach with REAL credentials and who can work with your athletes to make them better. Remember why you got into coaching…..to help kids!



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